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1. To protect and enhance the rural and coastal environment on the Bellarine Peninsula
and maintain non-urban breaks with open farmed landscapes between settlements.
2. To support the ongoing use of rural land on the Bellarine Peninsula for agriculture
and to preserve the open farmed landscape.
3. To preserve and maintain the ecology of the Bellarine Peninsula’s environmentally
significant coastal, wetland and vegetated areas.
4. To protect, preserve and enhance built heritage, cultural and urban character values
and preserve the individual identity and role of townships.
5. To facilitate the planned residential growth of Drysdale/Clifton Springs, Leopold and
Ocean Grove, consistent with adopted Structure Plans and as service hubs for the
Bellarine Peninsula. In all other townships, provide retail, commercial and
community uses and facilities that serve the daily needs of the community and
encourage street based activity and local employment.
6. To support and encourage diverse and sustainable tourism as a key economic activity
in townships and in rural areas where it complements and respects the farmed rural
landscape of the area, does not impact upon existing farming activities and
contributes to the local economy.