Rural / Peri Urban Reference Group

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The rural nature of the municipality and the region is changing and is characterised by an increase in smaller holdings. The number of large farms is diminishing. Regional peri-urban areas are increasingly characterised by smaller and diverse operations with not only cattle and sheep, but pigs, goats, alpacas, horses, poultry and other agricultural, viticultural, horticultural and agritourism products. The whole municipal community has expressed the desire that the rural character of the region be maintained. There also needs to be active development of a transition strategy to support the rural and peri-urban communities following the closure of the Geelong Saleyards. The work of the Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee (the Committee) will strengthen and support the commitment of the City of Greater Geelong (the Council) to the wellbeing and sustainability of its rural and peri-urban constituency. Advice from the Committee will help to achieve Council’s objective of providing for the best outcomes for the local community having regard to the long term and cumulative effects of decisions. In doing this the Committee will have regard to the need for Council to:

  • promote the social, economic and environmental viability and
    sustainability of the municipal district;
  •  improve the overall quality of life of people in the local community;
  • promote appropriate business and employment opportunities; and
  • ensure that services and facilities provided by Council are accessible and

Expressions of Interest: Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee Council is seeking expressions of interest for the Rural and Peri-Urban Advisory Committee to consider and provide advice to Council on matters relevant to rural and peri-urban constituents within the Greater Geelong region, including:

  • Transition strategies for saleyards services
  • Rural and peri-urban agricultural and environmental management
  • Bio-security strategies
  • Key planning strategies and structure plans.